Trail of a Whale Shark


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The whale shark is the largest known fish species in our oceans today. It is a slow-moving filter feeding shark, one of only three species of sharks to filter feed. Whale sharks are found in tropical waters and live in the open sea. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 12.65 m (41.50 ft). They have a lifespan of approximately 70 years. They are listed on the IUCN red list as a vulnerable species. Every spring the coral spawning brings their migration to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia where they can spend up to 5 months feeding on plankton. Ningaloo attracts individuals 4m to 10 m in length and it is possible to swim with these majestic beautiful fish through licensed operators. – photo by 2013©Tom Balks/, all right reserved.

  • Limited Edition of 10 only
  • Museum Standard: Lifetime Guarantee 75+ years, Highest Archival Standards
  • Giclee Medium: Hahnemuhle Canvas 410 gsm 100% Cotton or Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 310 gsm
  • ICC Profile, Hahnemuhle Varnish Environments Protection, Epson Ultra Chrome HDR Ink


A Tom Balks photographic print is crafted with with exceptional Ins and gallery-quality paper stock for decades of colour-fastness and viewing enjoyment. I use premium Hahnenuhle Fine-Art paper. The image colour is guaranteed to remain unchanged for 75 years plus. Hahnemuhle Monet Canvas 410 gsm 100% Cotton or Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 310 gsm.

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Glee Medium

Hahnemuhle Canvas 410 gsm 100% Cotton, Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 310 gsm

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