TomBalks.com has been around for more than
two decades.

Tom Balks, a photographer originally from New Zealand has been shooting professionally since 1993. He is now based in
Exmouth, but can also be found in remote locations throughout WA Australia, underwater or on land.

“Fingers” Mitchell Cullen

“Fingers” Mitchell Cullen is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Albany, Western Australia. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he came to the North West Cape as a headline act for the Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival 2015. This photograph was taken at the Exmouth Yacht Club during that tour. He is a Sea Shepherd supporter and named his 2015 album Shepherd of the Seas and gained permission to use the Sea Shepherd logo on the cover. – PHOTO BY 2015©TomBalks.com/Tom Balks all right reserved

Wedge-Tailed Eagles

Wedge-Tailed Eagles are highly aerial, soaring for hours on end without wingbeat and seemingly without effort, regularly reaching 1,800 m (5,900 ft) and sometimes considerably higher. The purpose of this very high flight is unknown. Their keen eyesight extends into the infrared and ultraviolet bands. This helps them spot prey and allows them to see rising thermals, which they can use to gain altitude while expending little energy. – photo by 2014©Tom Balks/TomBalks.com, all right reserved



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